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Brief News:
1 Feb 2004 . We put on sale signup script for hosting companies. This script allow user to signup, choose domain + hosting plan + additional products, then make payment and register domain automaiticly. Now we have drivers to Enom.com (domain names) and to 2Checkout.com (credit card processing). As your requests we can write drivers to any other domain registrants or credit card processing systems, also easy to do automatic CPANEL or PLESK registration. Read more ...

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17.02.2002     New version of our freeware Spylog 2.02 in download section. Please use it for free. If you have problems, comments, ideas please feel free to contact us.

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05.01.2002     We have launched our new project . This is programmers ads/project site for freelance programmers. It is well as programmers job, but need change design. In we work for design the site. Feel free to use this site it fully workable and free. http://www.programmers-ads.com

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01.12.2001     The portal software was succesfully launched as http://www.umyump.co.uk

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15.05.2001     We completed the development of a new project. This is an internet portal, which is done similar to www.ukrplanet.com Our project foresees the usage both Windows and Unix, as well as allows to use the databases mySQL or MS SQL, if necessary. It is written in PHP language. The program code is separated from HTML code (HTML code is located in templates). This allows to change the design of the portal or any part of it. The design changes can be done in any preferable style (the services of our designer cost 20.00$ per hour). Soon our portal will be on sale. In the nearest future there will be developed the affiliate program, which is based on the payment for the search, which is done from another site.

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01.04.2001     We accomplished the development of two auction sites for our client eBid.ltd. The first one - http://wanted.ebid.co.uk - is a new look at auction sites. php developers Now the Buyer can announce the attractive price for the product, and the Seller tries to offer it at the maximum possible low price. The winner is that one, who can offer the best price and terms. We practically kept all the functional possibilities of the site http://auctions.ebid.co.uk , and supplemented it with the major volume of a new code. This is the most cost-effective way to create a new site, using the old code. At present the size of the code makes 1,5 MB (without HTML and HTML templates). Now all users of eBid.ltd have one login for all three sites, and they needn't register again at these new sites.

perl script The second site is http://swap.ebid.co.uk, which can be used for items' exchange among the users. It means that users can employ non-monetary form of exchange. eBid.ltd doesn't collect payment for the use of this site, excluding the payment for more deep promotion. As well as for the http://wanted.ebid.co.uk , there were used the possibilities of the code from http://auctions.ebid.co.uk. Together with all eBid sites there works the affiliate program, which was created by us earlier for eBid.

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