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Custom perl/cgi & php programming, web design, web solutions, 3D publishing
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Brief News:
1 Feb 2004 . We put on sale signup script for hosting companies. This script allow user to signup, choose domain + hosting plan + additional products, then make payment and register domain automaiticly. Now we have drivers to Enom.com (domain names) and to 2Checkout.com (credit card processing). As your requests we can write drivers to any other domain registrants or credit card processing systems, also easy to do automatic CPANEL or PLESK registration. Read more ...

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Our creative web team offers the following services:

  • Custom web programming: Perl, PHP , mySQL , MS SQL, Sybase SQL Anywhere
  • We are high experienced with large projects
  • Database design and stored procedures programming
  • Client side JavaScript programming
  • Web design
  • Script installation
  • Images design: (all images for this site were constructed by our designer)

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Your advantages with AWT:

  • We provide full solutions including database, programming and design
  • We support our software in the future, we are always just one click away (use ICQ or email to contact us )
  • We have extensive experience to create a professional, powerful looking site.
  • Discount prices
  • You can control our progress and do your own corrections as needed.

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We specialize in web programming and we offer writing new scripts, rewriting old ones and bug fixes/changes in scripts. We have experience with large projects and working with code larger than several megabytes in Perl,PHP. When working for large projects, it is important to divide html code and programming code into separate files. This allows easy design sites, Another important factor is to have good styled code. We do object-oriented code. This allows easy feature modification, easy bug fixes and adding new features. It saves time and money.

corporate web site development

Many companies offer script writing over the Internet, but mostly offer only very simply scripts, usually "all in one" - mixing of code, html with many not properly understood expressions in perl specific style. After buying commonly customers have few problems:

  • The programmer is not reachable at a later time for questions.
  • The user would spend endless hours trying to determine how it works.
  • The new added code interferes with older code and new hidden bugs is appear.
  • Designer can't properly work with the script output because of mixed code with strange expressions.

We offer a better solution:

. We do OOP code separately from html code. Our designers can easily design it for you or you can do it yourself. When you need to change text in output or emails, you can do this without a programmer or designer. Just use a text editor. We do Perl/PHP code specialy optimized for the web. It's important that your host has many visitors. One way is to make as many static html pages as possible that are generated by a main software. This allows to serve clients without the execution of perl/php scripts until they are actually needed. Another way is code / database optimisation for faster work. We have good experience on how to do accomplish both.

custom perl web programming

Our special offer.

If you feel your code works slowly or is unreliable we can check it for you, and you would be not charged if we couldn't help you. We also can offer you some ideas on to how improve your site. Our evaluation is free and guaranteed.

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