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29 June 2004 : New version realized 1.08 !

Current drivers set:
Domain registration  Enom.com
Payment interfaces  2CheckOut.com ,
PayPal.com (new), UPI *
Creation in  Plesk6, Cpanel/WHM
* UPI - Universal Payment Interface , internal interface allow to enter any payment manually from keyboard.
Price: $49
Signup Demo
(no actual credit card need)
ADMIN area Demo
About 500K sources.

To buy or if you have any
questions feel free to contact me
To contact click here

Script Features:

The script include administrator control panel and signup scripts.


- Enom domain registration
- allows for all enom domain types including .us .co.uk etc.
- multiple year registrations up to 10 years.

- Paypal payments processing (include credit cards)
- 2checkout credit card processing
(both setup reccuring transactions)

*please read the special notes in the 2CO section.

- Customizable HTML templates for easy design changes

- mySQL database back end for superior control over data

Order form algorithm:

a) checks domain availability at enom

b) if the domain is NOT AVAILABLE it will suggest the same name but with other top domain names ie: .net .org or the customer can make another search.

c) If the domain is AVAILABLE it will continue to the select package page.

d) If the customer does not need a new domain registration ,the form will go directly to next page.

d) Package select page will include domain term selection with price , plan selection, and possible other configurable package options. at this point the user can specify an already registered domain name and have it transferred to enom.

e) The order form will now move onto the user information page where the customer must fill out the required information and add additional information if required or needed.

f) The order form will then move to the checkout page where a total of all the products purchased will be displayed. The customer will now have to click on the checkout button and proceed to the 2checkout.com payment page.

g) After payment is successfully made the order form will register domain at enom , and send an email to admin (you) with all the details of the transaction.

h) During signup the script will check for all possible user errors.

Admin interface:

a) Setup three types of product groups:

- domain name with different signup terms

includes: title, description, TLD (.com, .net etc), charge period, price , setup fee.

- hosting plans

includes: hosting plan name (bronze, silver etc), title, description, charge period, price, setup fee multiple terms for same plan , ie: monthly payments, quarterly , yearly with different pricing.

- additional items (ie: IP, space, ssl, search engine submission ..)

includes : title, description , charge period, option for

required quantity, minimal quantity, maximum quantity, price & setup fees per item.

- product organization move, edit, delete.

b) Add additional options to the "where did you hear about us" table in the signup form.

c) 2Checkout options
read 2CO issues

d) Browse users
- see details including user signup data, plans, payments made

- sort users ie: by name, package..

- Delete unpaid users (people who do not pay and did not
complete the checkout procedure)
- Delete users

2CO Issues
(2CO = 2checkout.com)

There are some limitations in the 2CO shopping cart.
2CO has three ways to purchase products :
a) paying any amount

b) predefined products (1 item per purchase)

c) predefined recurring product (1 item per purchase).

So if a customer wishes to purchase a domain and a hosting plan , they will need to make two purchases and go to 2CO site twice. But this might be to complicate for users who signup. So we have developed an easier way. What we do is create all possible package combinations to purchase. For example, we have 2 domain prices + 3 hosting plans . We can generate 2x3 =6 products which have setup fees and recurring transactions. We can now send the customer once to 2checkout site for total payment. You will need to predefine all combinations at 2CO "predefined products" section. There is suggestion tool in our admin area where you can see all possible combinations to create at 2CO you will need to specify the corresponding 2CO IDs. We take the domain price as setup fee. We do this because 2CO cannot charge a recurring product + 1 year domain price in one product.

Open architecture

We can easily integrate other credit card processing systems and other domain reseller interfaces, automated registration in CPANEL , PLESK and/or other control panels which have automatic signup API.

We have develop database structure to meet future development. So this script is upgradeable.

We will develop new drivers upon requests.

Future development

- interfaces to other card processors, domain resellers API, CPANEL, Plesk

- make ticket support system to allow support user under their usernames

- make user login area where they can see products they have , money they pay, their status, send support tickets, upgrade/purchase new products.

- Make full back office to track purchasing, money paid, full control of paid/upaid accounts, suspends, mail notify, etc.

Please send us any ideas or features you would like to see in this product we may offer free upgrades and/or discounts for ideas to improve our product.

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